Impact Logic


All Viable Cities’ activities are guided by ambitious long and shortterm goals, which are presented in the summarised impact goals of the programme.


Impact goal 1


Viable Cities has created the conditions for Swedish cities to become sustainable in energy and climate impact, with an energy mix that is 100% renewable and with zero net emissions of greenhouse gases.


Impact goal 2



Viable Cities has helped Swedish cities to show the way in achieving the goal of the Paris agreement to keep global temperature rise below 1.5°C.


Impact goal 3



Viable Cities has contributed to Swedish cities  having citizens who are engaged, experience a good quality of life, urban well-being and a sustainable lifestyle.


Impact goal 4



Viable Cities has increased Swedish enterprise, employment and exports in the area of smart sustainable cities.


Impact goal 5



Viable Cities has aided Swedish stakeholders in driving the international development of smart sustainable cities, through disruptive innovation, policy development and research.