3De – Energy challenges from three-dimensional property subdivision

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The project will shorten connections between research and practice in working with three-dimensional property subdivision (3D) to encompass more owners and functions in a single building. This entails both possibilities and challenges for energy optimisation (e). In three different cases of city district development, the project aims at bringing together researchers, professionals who on the one hand set specifications and on the other hand those who work with implementation.

Project leader: Staffan Bolminger, FOG
Project partners: Riksbyggen Ekonomisk Förening, Älvstranden Utveckling, Akademiska Hus, Göteborg Energi, RISE, Chalmers, City of Gothenburg (Executive Office together with Environmental Administration), Business Region Göteborg, Johanneberg Science Park.
Total project budget: 1 000 000 SEK
Applied for funding: 500 000 SEK
Project duration: 2018-08-31 – 2019-08-30
Type of project:
Integrated energy design, three-dimensional property development, energy optimization, business model, urban development

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Information is updated continuously during the project period