SAMIR – Coordinated infrastructure for smart and sustainable small cities

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The project will explore needs for and limitations in small municipalities using digitalisation and smart solutions for coordinated infrastructure. In addition, the project will explore possibilities of using the local fibre networks as a backbone for the digitalisation of water, sewage and electricity, but also other municipal/regional operations such as lighting, parking and public transit. The municipalities of Herrljunga and Kungälvs are among the partners, as are their energy companies and fibre networks, as well as ServaNet who runs local fibre networks in a number of municipalities in Northern Sweden.

Project leader: Björn Laumert, KTH; Jan Markendahl, KTH
Project partners: Herrljunga Municipality, Kungälv Municipality, Herrljunga elektriska, Kungälv Energi, ServaNet, Iioote AB together with KTH, Department of Energy Technology  (ITM School) and Department of Communication Systems (EECS School)
Total project budget: 960 000 SEK
Applied for funding480 000 SEK
Project duration: 2018-07-01 – 2018-12-31
Type of project:
Digitalization, Sustainable small cities and municipalities, Collaborative municipal infrastructure, Urban Grid, VA and Electricity, Opportunity Study, Roadmap.

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Information is updated continuously during the project period