Sensors for air quality – opportunities and limitations

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Sensors for measuring air quality, with particle focus, are used for controlling eg indoor ventilation and for providing info about outdoor air quality to the public. This project aims at improving the quality of measurement data regarding sensors for airborne particles for enabling increased service to unprotected people in urban traffic and more efficient ventilation in buildings.

Project leader: Sara Janhäll, RISE
Project partners: Senseair AB, Systemair, Neolund, Swegon, Mikael Ramström, RISE, Karlstad Municipality, Region Örebro County, Akademiska Hus, Camfil Svenska AB, Mann + Hummel Vokes Air AB
Total project budget1 000 000 SEK
Applied for funding: 500 000 SEK
Project duration: 2018-08-15 – 2019-08-15
Type of project:
Sensor, Air, Control, Quality, Particle, Measurement

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Information is updated continuously during the project period