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This project is part of Sharing Cities Sweden, a national programme for the sharing economy in cities.


This project aims to investigate the social drivers in a neighbourhood and see both how the potential for sharing in existing communities could be utilized on a higher scale and how an increased sense of group affiliation on the topic of sharing could strengthen the institutionalization of sharing among tenants. The project will focus on how housing companies can facilitate the sharing among tenants and offer space for sharing. There is furthermore a chance to include the sharing of transport. This project will be carried out in cooperation with Stockholmshem and ÅWL Arkitekter as part of an already running pilot project in Solberga in Greenhouses. The result will be useful for housing companies for existing areas as well as new construction. Furthermore, the results of the project will complement, consolidate or contrast the insights that emerge in Sharing Cities Sweden, more specifically in the test beds where new construction is carried out or planned with the intention of promoting increased sharing (Gothenburg and Malmö). Sharing has the potential to facilitate new and old areas to grow together, and for different community groups to meet, and sharing can be a way to strengthen a district.

Project leader:Liv Fjellander, IVL
Project partners: IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet (leading partner), Stockholmshem, ÅWL Arkitekter och International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE)
Total project budget2 000 000 SEK
Applied for funding1 000 000 SEK
Project duration: 2019-01-01 – 2020-12-31
Type of project: Innovation project
Keyword: sharing economy, cities, towns, sustainable consumption, community, landlords, tenants, realty companies, market places, communication, digital tools

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Information is updated continuously during the project period