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This project is part of Sharing Cities Sweden, a national programme for the sharing economy in cities.


The way we share products and services is changing. Sharing economies is the umbrella term that has come to symbolize a paradigm shift in that we have gone from borrowing two eggs from a neighbour to share car trips with strangers and finding accommodation in an unknown city. All it takes is a quick search on the mobile, and in fact one of the contributing factors to the new types of sharing is the emergence of digital platforms for sharing. However, while many of the platforms have achieved major commercial successes in the major world metropolitan areas, they find it difficult to get the same impact in other cities. It is therefore difficult to realize the opportunities that sharing holds for a more sustainable society. The purpose of this project is to investigate whether digital sharing platforms that are based on a more user-centred sharing philosophy can solve the problems of the earlier platforms which tended to be more resource-centred. To test this, a prototype for a more user-centered distribution platform has been developed. The project’s goal is to increase knowledge about the design of sustainable digital sharing platforms and to contribute to a longer-term proliferation of sharing as a natural part of a sustainable lifestyle through pilot tests on the platform prototype.

Project leader: Per Levén, Umeå University
Project partners: Umeå University (leading partner), Idrottsservice Västerbotten AB, Stiftelsen Strömbäcks Folkhögskola and Svenska Försäkringsfabriken i Umeå AB.
Total project budget: 2 300 000 SEK
Applied for funding: 1 000 000 SEK
Project duration: 2019-01-01 – 2020-12-31
Type of project:
Innovation project
digital platforms, sharing economy, cities, entreprenurship, sharing initatives, users, information technology


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Information is updated continuously during the project period