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This project is part of Sharing Cities Sweden, a national programme for the sharing economy in cities.


This strategic project aims at reducing energy use and climate impact by developing the sharing economy in smaller cities. Using Karlstad and other smaller cities in dialog with Karlstad, the project will answer the question – what role can smaller cities and towns play in the sharing economy and how can their work be run? The project consists of three parts: network development and support systems, service development, and communication with citizens, consumers and business. The project will strengthen the networks and support systems for local sharing economies and link them to national and international networks. The sharing services that will be developed in the second part will be spread and scaled up using the national and international networks. This part of the project will also establish a dedicated test environment with related support functions for development, assessment, launching and scaling of sharing services, all of which should be possible to implement in smaller cities and towns. The test environment will have a relatively simple and resource-efficient structure to be implemented in smaller cities as well. The third part of the project aims at developing communication methods that address the particular communication challenges that the divisional economy entails. This part will strengthen the knowledge and commitment of consumers and companies for sustainable consumption from using the sharing economy, by guiding them to sharing business activities and solutions.

Project leader: Henric Barkman, Karlstad Municipality
Project partners: WSP, Innovation Park, Karlstads University, Naturskyddsföreningen i Värmland, Konsumentverket, and Centrum Karlstad
Total project budget: 4 150 000 SEK
Applied for funding: 2 000 000 SEK
Project duration: 2019-01-01 – 2020-12-31
Type of project:
Innovation project
resource platforms, sustainable development, local networks, collaboration, innovation, sharing economy, cities, entreprenurs, sharing services


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Information is updated continuously during the project period