Urban DIGG Infra – research on the IT infrastructure of the smart city

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The project gathers a consortium of actors representing those who build the smart city, who live and work in it, who maintain aspects of it, and deliver services and technology needed by its citizens. The consortium will identify key research areas and questions. Who are the actors providing the access networks in the future? Who actually delivers what to whom, in an increasingly heterogenic system of systems? What kind of services will be requested and what are the corresponding business models? Within what areas do we need to obtain more knowledge and develop technology to safeguard internet and service access for both humans and connected things. The project goal is to write a situational report and an application for a full-scale project with a larger consortium of actors. In a format referred to as a Think/Do tank; interleaving a multi-themed “think tank” for a larger group of individuals, with shorter work sessions on international outlook and experimentation. This will both contribute to topical conversations; gather knowledge and can gear up quickly in concrete work producing short-term outputs, to be circled back to the “think tank” for the next iteration.

Project leader: Alex Jonsson, Viable Cities
Project partners: KTH, RISE, IVL, Ericsson, Telenor, S:t Erik Kommunikation (City of
Stockholms), Klipsk AB (RealEstateCore), Management Doctors AB
Total project budget: 1 102 015 SEK
Applied for funding: 925 325 SEK
Project duration: 15/11/2018 – 17/05/2019
Type of project:
Research project
access net, smart citites, access, internet of things, security, public networks,
services, business models

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Kick off of Urban DIGG Infra on the 21st of March 2019