’Liquid’ Roadmap

The ‘Liquid’ Roadmap strategic project will look forward to 2050 to inform discussions of the future strategic direction of Viable Cities programme and its actors. Its purpose is to demonstrate how Sweden can lead development for smart sustainable cities with respect to energy, climate, and sustainable growth, leveraging on the Swedish research and development tradition, based on openness, neutrality, and flat structures. The projects will deliver and employ an Innovation Radar – an interactive, flexible, and dynamic tool for co-developing, visualising and sharing ideas, including themes for deep-dives, foresight studies, and White Papers. To ensure the largest impact and guidance of search, the ‘Liquid’ Roadmap project will be carried on during the whole program period of 12 years.

Aktiviteter 2018

During 2018, four co-creation workshops will be arranged with 15-30 participants on the topics of artificial intelligence (AI), Digital Infrastructure, Urban Energy Systems and Mobility. Reports and position papers will be published based on their findings.

A pilot version of ‘liquid’ Innovation Radar will be developed with a number of themes for digital co-creation.

A methods group will be created, in which the pros and cons of various methods and theories and their possible pairings will be critically discussed (e.g. backcasting paired with dynamic capabilities theory).

All members of Viable Cities are invited to participate in the co-creation activities.

Project leadars:

Olga Kordas, Viable Ciities, olga.kordas@viablecities.com
Magnus Boman, RISE, magnus.boman@ri.se

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