Strategy Day

Documentation from Viable Cities Strategy Day

17 April 2018

Launch of four strategic projects

The aim of the Viable Cities Strategy Day was to begin the collaborative work on the four strategic projects together with the members of the programme. These projects will form the basis for the development of the programme as a whole going forward.

After an introductory presentation by programme director Olga Kordas, the four strategic projects were presented by the respective project managers:

  • Liquid Roadmap with Olga Kordas as project manager,Knowledge
  • Sharing with Charlie Gullström as project manager,
  • Entrepreneurship with Jason Nielsen as project manager, and
  • Internationalisation with Mikael Edelstam as project manager.

We then kicked off a session focussed on the Viable Cities Innovation Radar, a co-creation tool that will form a basis for for networked foresight and collaboration between the strategic projects and co-creating the agenda Viable Cities. The development of the Innovation Radar takes place within the Liquid Roadmap project and enables Viable Cities members to identify innovation opportunities. The workshop was hosted by Magnus Boman, RISE/KTH and Sebastian Knab from Rohrbeck Heger.

The last part of the day was dedicated to workshops on the four strategic projects. Following the day’s discussions and workshops, the project managers concluded that they had gained excellent input and ideas for further work.
– I received fantastic constructive feedback. I’m optimistic about what the future holds for the continued work with the partners of Viable Cities.

In conclusion, the day has provided us with a good basis on which to advance the work on the strategic projects of Viable Cities during the course of the year!

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