Strategy Day

11 April 2019

MISSION: Climate neutral cities 2030

During the last year the programme’s focus has been sharpened and clarified and now has a strong focus on what we call our MISSION: Climate neutral cities in 2030. This was also this focus that gathered around 80 participants for the Viable Cities Strategy Day on 11 April 2019.

The day started with welcome and introductory presentation by programme director Olga Kordas who presented the mission oriented approach by Viable Cities. A film from Olga Kordas’ presentation is available here. After this introduction two inspiring presentations were delivered by invited guests who gave us an international perspective on Viable Cities work with MISSION: Climate neutral cities 2030. A film with glimpses from the day and interviews is available here.

Professor Lars Coenen, City of Melbourne Chair of Resilient Cities, Lars Coenen made a presentation on the topic “Urban experimentation for mission-oriented innovation: transformative potential meet heroic assumption”. A film from Lars Coenen’s presentation is available here. Dan Hill, Director of Strategic Design at Vinnova, the Swedish National Innovation Agency, presented examples of work he has done related to mission driven innovation the development of which is a major part in his role at Vinnova. A film from Dan Hill’s presentation is available here.

After presentations, we proceeded with the co-creation workshop session – Mission: Carbon Neutral Cities 2030, where participants shared their views on what transitions are needed from 2019 to 2030 to reach Climate Neutral Cities. The starting point was three questions relating to the future of cities resulting from an earlier workshop within Viable Cities. These questions were: How do we reclaim our time? How do we reclaim public space? How do we reclaim the narrative? As a trigger for the workshops a film produced by Viable Cities was shown (the film is available here). During the workshop, we gathered contributions of ideas on experiments to explore possible solutions for achieving the necessary transitions.

In conclusion the day was very inspiring and showed a lot of commitment from many to further develop and implement the mission oriented approach. It has provided us with a good basis on which to advance the work on the MISSION: Climate neutral cities 2030, togehter with our members and other stakeholders, during the course of the year!

Videos from Strategy Day


Download presentations from Strategy Day here!

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